ShareMyApps Privacy Policy

The only personal information collected by ShareMyApps is a list of applications installed on your device for the purpose of sharing using provided share methods.  ShareMyApps also collects users’ notes on apps for the purpose of sharing.

The application list and note text will be stored locally on the user’s device, but this information will be removed once ShareMyApps is uninstalled.

Personal information is never transmitted to ShareMyApps Developers, advertising providers or third parties.

The share options list may contain applications which you have installed on your device.  ShareMyApps development is not responsible for how these applications use data shared from ShareMyApps.  Users should review the privacy policy of these applications before sharing information using them.

ShareMyApps will request advertisements from admob.  ShareMyApps does not send the application list or any other information you enter into ShareMyApps to admob.  Please refer to admob’s privacy policy for further information:

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