As seen in the New York Times!  ShareMyApps is a simple application that will allow you to share your installed applications with friends in several ways.  One or more applications can be selected and copied to the clipboard or sent via email with or without the corresponding market links.  You may also long click on an individual app and copy its information, create a QR code which will link to the market, or share using other installed applications such as twitter or SMS.  (Please note that facebook apps do not like the market links, so sharing with those apps may not work very well- this is beyond my control)

Please note my Acknowledgements page for thanks and links to the helps I used to create the app.

Version History:

3.2.0 (5/11/2012):

  • Added Search feature

3.1.3 (2/1/2012):

  • Added support for qHD (Higher Resolution) devices

3.1.2 (4/29/2011)

  • Admob Upgrade
  • Added Menu Item
  • Changes for new build process


  • Japanese Translation

3.0.1 (4/10/2011)

  • Added feature to include versions with app names

3.0.3 (3/21/2011)

  • Removed third party app sites

3.0.2 (2/28/2011)

  • Fixed issue with 1.5 based devices


  • Added back the “Check Out My Apps” subject for emails

3.0.0 (2/13/2011)

  • New UI Components
  • Cleaner Interaction
  • HTML Emails from Gmail App
  • Bug Fixes

2.0.1 (1/24/2011)

  • Fixed issue with long click links containing –
  • Changed the way threading is handled to attempt to fix sporadic bug.

2.0.0 (1/4/2011)


  • Added ability to add notes to apps
  • Previously unseen apps will be listed as “New” and pushed to the top
  • Code cleanup and refactoring
  • Bug fixes

1.7.3 (12/14/2010)

  • Improved Progress Bar
  • Added SMS Warning for sharing lists larger than 140 Characters
  • Android Market links now go to details page rather than search results

1.7.2 (9/22/2010)

  • Added move to SD Card
  • Modified Ad Engines to limit space used.

1.7.1 (7/23/2010)

  • Fixed bug where link preference dialog would redirect to wrong action

1.7.0 (7/23/2010)

  • Added generic ‘Share’ option which will allow sharing using other methods including SMS

1.6.4 (6/13/2010)

  • Fixed bug with alternative market links in long click mode

1.6.3 (6/6/2010)

  • Added admob fixes/update

1.6.2 (5/19/2010)

  • Fixed Force Close issue

1.6.1 (5/14/2010)

  • Added Cyrket to market prefs

1.6.0 (5/13/2010)

  • Added preference for which site to use for market links

1.5.2 (5/5/2010)

  • Added Menu Icons

1.5.1 (4/21/2010)

  • Created new white and blue icon to pay homage to the horrible original icon.

1.5.0 (4/20/2010)

  • Added AdMob Ads
  • Improved Icon


  • Added Share button to long click that will use installed apps for twitter etc.

1.3.2 (3/8/2010)

  • Fixed bug which caused the application to not recognize checked items.

1.3.1 (3/7/2010)

  • Fixed issue with list items not highlighting when performing long click

1.3.0 (3/7/2010)

  • Long click on entries to copy a link for that app or create QR code
  • Added quick text notifications for clipboard copy
  • Fixed sorting bug and issue with hyphenated names (Thanks Sebastian for the bug reports!)

1.2.1 (3/1/2010)

  • Fixed issue with persistence
  • Added optional “Generated By” message for emails.

1.2.0 (2/16/2010)

  • Added preference and popup for market links

0.12 (2/13/2010)

  • Selections Persisted
  • Added Application Icons

0.8 (2/13/2010)

  • Removed system and default applications from list

0.7 (2/12/2010)

  • Initial Release


19 thoughts on “ShareMyApps

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  3. Sha

    this app doesn’t use up all the screen space in my Evo 3D, which has a qHD screen resolution. please fix this problem by having appropriate resolution for newer devices.

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  6. Matias BeeGood

    Hi! Great app, really =D
    My suggestion: In an email with several apps it’s sometimes difficult to touch exactly in the app you need, because there is almost no space between lines. Can you configure it to be at least 1 1/2 line between each line?? Thnx in advance =D

  7. Marc S

    Could you include the following features in a future update?
    -which app store the program came from (e.g. Google, Amazon, etc.)
    -sort by app name
    -sort by app store
    -identify side loaded apps

    Marc S.

  8. Bekkh

    Thanx so much for this app, I use to bluetooth my favorite apps, this works much better !

  9. Don

    Great app thanks!

    Any chance you could include a ‘schedule’ function? I’d love to have an automatic lists of the apps I have loaded on my devices sent to me each week.

    Marc S’s idea including the Apps source (app store) if possible would also be very helpful.

    Thank you!

  10. mattlary

    Thanks for the suggestion; I’ll investigate and add it to my feature request list. From what I’ve seen, I don’t think there’s a way to detect the source app store for apps, but I’ll look into it.

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