Crazy Fight at RIT vs Canisius 2

Calin and I went to the RIT vs Canisius game on Saturday night with my Aunt, Uncle, and two young cousins- towards the end of the third period a huge fight (by college hockey standards anyway) broke out between all of the players on the ice. A Canisius player even left the penalty box to ...

A Followup in Two Acts

Act I – A followup to Psychiatrist Randy pointed me to this awesome music video for Frontier Psychiatrist Act II – A followup to caveat emptor I have received the goods and left feedback.

Star Trek XI Teaser 2

I might see Cloverfield just for this… Psychiatrist 6

I’ve been playing a bit with; it’s a music sharing site that’s free, legal, and has a social community built in. Check it out, it’s pretty cool- plus it allows you to embed tracks in much the same way that you can embed youtube videos. Below I’ve embedded Frontier Psychiatrist by The Avalanches. I’ve ...

caveat emptor 2

I purchased an item from ebay and got the following back: HI! I HAD SHIPPED YOUR GOODS YOU CAN GO TO CHECK TRACKING NO:… IF YOU RECEIVE THE GOODS PLEASE GIVE ME FEEDBACK THANK YOU!!! Should I be concerned that the seller said “IF“?

Wegmans to Stop Selling Tobacco 2

From the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle: Wegmans to Stop Selling Cigarettes Danny you’re my hero

Vimeo HD

Ryan pointed me to vimeo‘s new HD programming; it’s pretty sweet.  Below is a nice time lapsed city video; you might want to go right to the vimeo site to get a larger view.


I can’t sleep. I started three or four blog posts tonight, but decided to ditch them all.  In summary: Charlie Wilson’s War was a good movie and I have forgotten everything I knew about cold war politics. Calin and I went on a two week journey across the state, saw Wicked, got lost in Manhattan ...

Car Update

I had the mechanic look over the car- he said it looks fine other than dirt and grass wedged under my heat shield, and that it should be safe for travel.  His professional recommendation was that I stay out of ditches from now on: “You need to remember that you have a Subaru, not a ...

Oops 2

I wish I’d taken a picture, but I managed to get my car in a deep ditch today- Calin and I were driving home from church when the car started fishtailing. I tried to compensate and thought I was handling it pretty well, but then I saw a car coming in the opposite direction and ...