Go To Considered Harmful!

Go To Considered Harmful!

Can’t Wait 2

Can't Wait

Citius, Altius, Fortius 2

Calin and I watched this this morning and thought it was hillarious:

Rochester Google Maps now have Transit Info 4

Rochester Google Maps now have Transit Info
It looks like Google added transit information to Rochester’s google maps recently.  They’re not very useful yet, but at least you can click on a bus icon and see which routes serve that stop.  I also noticed that the locations of a couple of the stops are off, and you can’t edit their locations like ...

Red Cross Disaster Relief Funds Depleted 1

Many news outlets are reporting today that the American Red Cross Disaster Relief fund is out of money, and that they’re in particular need because of flooding in the mid-west. The good news is, you can donate right here– plus, many employers will match gifts made to non profits (West does this, contact me or ...

Pensive Insomnia 4

I can’t get to sleep again- I almost wrote a rant about Christian Evangelicals and Liberal Christians, but decided not to.  You’re welcome.


I love the smell of `kill -9` in the morning; Smells like… Victory

You Should Watch This 2

I usually don’t post about politics, but everyone should really watch this:

Stop the Madness 6

I get a large coffee from Starbucks most mornings and drink it for the rest of the day (even when it’s cold by afternoon).  Is that gross? Does that make me an addict?